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Announcing the BCV Cyber Leaders Advisory Board

The Cyber Leaders are innovative CISOs and other top cybersecurity leaders, comprising a community that will benefit each member and the Bain Capital network.

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Bain Capital Ventures Infra Early Seed

We are domain experts in search of like kind: passionate visionaries who see the world differently.

20 years of successful technology venture investing

400 investments
89 successful milestones
$4.6 billion invested
4 core investing domains
  • BCV is your ideal venture capital firm. On one hand, you can count on their support when needed and, at the same time, they will not bother you or try to run your company for you.

    Ofer Bengal Co-Founder and CEO, Redis

BCV Advantage

We deploy targeted support at every step of your journey, from founding to IPO.

Strategic Talent Access to our deep talent networks across all levels, support building your recruiting foundations, and strategic talent advisory. We know finding and engaging great people is your biggest challenge.

The depth of knowledge and resources is really unparalleled. We have been amazed by how many connections we have been able to make within the portfolio so quickly and how eager everyone is to work together.

Liz Giorgi and Hayley Anderson, Co-Founders of soona

Bain Capital Network Working with BCV connects you to hundreds of potential customers and partners in the Bain Capital portfolio, and a network of over 1000 professionals worldwide.

I’ve found that BCV’s network adds reach beyond the normal Silicon Valley focus that many of us have — being part of the larger Bain Capital ecosystem opens doors that other firms don’t have access to.

Matt Martin, Co-Founder & CEO of Clockwise

Customer Development Gain exposure to a wide spectrum of tech buyers, without having to crack into them yourself. Tailored introductions, executive briefings, and demo days help accelerate sales pipelines and drive revenue.

The BCV team has been a phenomenal support to us. What I appreciate most is that they’re willing to get into the details. They support us on the highest level by asking us the most strategic questions about our business and the detailed tactical things, which can often make the most difference.

Emily Gittins, Co-Founder & CEO at Archive

Domain Advisory Machine Intelligence. Embedded Fintech. Next-gen Data Infrastructure. B2B Marketplaces. We work with founders to skate to where the puck is going.

BCV sees their role as helping entrepreneurs build great companies, not just telling them what to do or being a source of capital. They have the right balance of offering a strong point of view and trusting the team. Above all, they’re incredibly supportive.

Raj De Datta, Co-Founder of Bloomreach

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