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The latest thinking from within BCV

The Python Rust-aissance

Companies like Polars are showing how with Rust, Python developers now have a better, smoother path towards building high-performance libraries.

Slater Stich 8 min read
Domain Insights Infra Early Seed

Meet Rak Garg, Our Newest Partner

Over the past few years at BCV, Rak has become a close advisor and confidant to technical early-stage founders.

Aaref Hilaly 2 min read
Bain Capital Ventures Infra Early Seed

BCV’s Predictions for 2024

The BCV partners share where they see their domains headed, from commerce to industry, SaaS to fintech — and how AI is going to continue transforming them.

1 min read
Domain Insights Early Growth Seed

Halcyon Flips the Script on Ransomware Attackers

Halcyon’s founders have used their experience on the offensive side of cybersecurity to create a secure ransomware defense system leveraging AI.

Enrique Salem, Saanya Ojha, Angela Liu 6 min read
Founder Stories Infra Growth

Meet Ron Miasnik, Our New Associate

Ron will be focused on infrastructure software investing in Israel and incubations and early-stage investing in New York.

Enrique Salem, Noah Breslow 5 min read
Bain Capital Ventures Infra Early

Announcing BCV Labs

BCV Labs helps AI engineers and researchers go from idea to company through a bespoke offering of space, compute, talent, customers and community in Silicon Valley.

Rak Garg, Aaref Hilaly, Slater Stich, William Eleazer 5 min read
Bain Capital Ventures Infra Early Seed

How To Be an Inspirational Leader

The ability to inspire is not the same thing as charisma, and if you want to help your startup grow, there are approaches you should practice.

Scott Friend 8 min read
The Head Start The Head Start Running Your Company Early

Generative AI Is Reinventing Logistics Tech

We explore the opportunities startups can take advantage of to revolutionize freight logistics through generative artificial intelligence.

Zeeza Cole 11 min read
Domain Insights Early Growth