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Meet Slater Stich and Saanya Ojha, Our Newest Partners

At BCV, we work closely with founders on their most difficult decisions. How aggressively should a company forward-invest? What profile of sales leader will work best? How should we position against competitors? So when we recruit, we look for people who bring new perspectives to these questions, based on their domain expertise and first-principles thinking.…

Enrique Salem, Aaref Hilaly 3 min read

BCV 2022 Update

Flight to quality is the strategy of the day and the funding frenzy of last year is long behind us. BCV Partner Merritt Hummer put it best in her recent Forbes article when she said, “for the venture industry, that means a reversion to revenue models that are profitable and predictable.” And last year serves as a potent reminder…

3 min read
Business Building

3 Areas Where Tech Tools Are Transforming the CFO’s Job

This interview was originally published on on January 20, 2023 and was conducted by Sheryl Estrada on behalf of CFO Daily. Read the full newsletter here. Good morning, The use of tech software in everyday finance tasks is growing. So, how will it advance this year? Christina Melas-Kyriazi is a partner at Bain Capital…

Christina Melas-Kyriazi 3 min read
Domain Insights Fintech

BCV’s 2023 Reading and Listening List

Happy holidays from the BCV Team! Our team has compiled a shortlist of must-reads (and must-listens) that we find particularly insightful, compelling or just downright entertaining to enjoy over the remainder of 2022 and into the new year.

1 min read
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Foundation Models and Five Predictions for AI in 2023

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We’re living in a special time; we have the compute, funding, and expertise to augment wide swaths of knowledge work using foundation models (also referred to as large language models or LLMs in NLP use cases). But despite their near-magical characteristics, foundation models aren’t yet ready for primetime.…

Rak Garg, Sam Crowder, Dawit Heck 8 min read
Domain Insights Infra Apps

Supply Chain Traceability as a Climate Imperative

This article is part of BCV’s ongoing work in climate tech, led by Aaref Hilaly and Sarah Hinkfuss. More on our climate tech efforts and priorities here. Supply chain functionality is mission-critical to business operations and is the source of $1.85 trillion dollars of annual spend in the US alone.1  At BCV, we have long…

Abby Meyers 16 min read
Domain Insights

Twitter Thread: 7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Next Employer

Most startup employees don’t ask the right questions before joining. These topics are critical to understand, especially in this market. Check out a popular thread from Sarah Hinkfuss on 7 questions to ask a potential employer (after receiving an offer) and follow @SarahHinkfuss for more daily insights.

Sarah Hinkfuss 1 min read
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Listen: Miguel Amarza and Matt Harris on Lessons From Three Decades of Fintech Investing, What Defines Great Founders and Embedded Finance’s Massive Potential

This article is part of Fintech Leaders, a newsletter by Miguel Amarza with over 47,000 dreamers, entrepreneurs, investors, and students of financial services. Listen to the full episode and sign up here! My guest today is Matt Harris, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures and one of the Fintech OG legends who started his investing career back in 1995 and has…

Matt Harris 3 min read
Domain Insights Fintech

A Conversation Between Dilly Sanborn-Marsh and Sarah Hinkfuss

Welcome Dilly Sanborn-Marsh as our first Fellow focusing on climate tech! Dilly has been working with us since September, initially to support our investing efforts in climate tech, working closely with our investing team, and now as she works on her own company at the intersection of fintech and climate tech.  We created this hybrid…

Sarah Hinkfuss 10 min read

Revolutionizing the Electronics Supply Chain: Our Investment in Cofactr

The pandemic exposed many cracks in the supply chain. Shortages of parts, uncertainty of delivery times, proliferation of counterfeit goods and lack of price visibility plagued supply chains across industries. In particular, the world of electronics was challenged as certain components were difficult to procure. Nearly 60% of hardware projects were delayed due to the…

Ajay Agarwal 4 min read
Spotlight Apps

How to Lower Your AWS Bill

AWS can quickly become the second largest expense for a company (after headcount). BCV Partner Aaref Hilaly and Momento co-founder Khawaja Shams share key habits that every company should be doing to lower its AWS bill at the growth stage.

Aaref Hilaly 1 min read
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Meet BCV’s First Marketing Partner, Allison Braley

Done right, hiring a great senior leader is one of the highest impact decisions you can make when building your organization. Over the years, I have developed a method that extends outside the actual interview for hiring senior executives that has served me well. After a certain amount of experience and success, most senior execs…

Noah Breslow 4 min read