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Playbook Founder Jessica Ko on Getting Creatives to Love Your Product

Playbook redesigned cloud storage to fit exactly what fast-growing design teams and freelancers need. The platform applies modern technologies such as photo and video tagging, a Pinterest-like view gallery, and collaboration across teams via a variety of templates and creative tools. 

5 min read
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Jamstack and Modern Web Dev

All areas of infrastructure software change rapidly, but perhaps none of them quite as quickly as the web development stack. The rate of innovation in other categories of infra can be limited by a few things, including relative technical depth (e.g. databases) or reluctance in depending on new players (e.g cybersecurity). Web dev tools, on […]

Sam Crowder 4 min read
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Why We Invested In Smallstep: Taking The Headache Out Of Certificate Management

by Enrique Salem Software is increasingly becoming an interconnected web of microservices, containers, and endpoints. The connections between each of these components can be compromised, creating potential security risk. The rise of cloud computing, distributed systems, and remote work has only accelerated these trends. To ensure that software is built securely and reduce the surface […]

Enrique Salem 3 min read
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Topography Health CEO Alexander Saint-Amand On Getting GTM Right In The Healthcare Industry

In our Making Markets series, learn from exceptional entrepreneurs about their magic moments in company building and important lessons for shaping the industries that matter today. With all eyes on vaccines and treatments for COVID during the last two years, almost everyone now understands the importance of clinical trials to the scientific discovery and drug […]

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Why We Invested In Fidel API: Building The Next Foundational Platform For Fintech Applications

By Merritt Hummer, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures 2021 was a banner year for fintech: global funding to fintech companies hit an all-time high of $132 billion and the sector produced more than a dozen IPOs not including SPACs. The aggregate market cap of public fintech companies exceeds $600 billion. Just a handful of years ago, there […]

Merritt Hummer 5 min read
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BCV Leads $105M Series C In Docker: Enabling Modern Software Teams To Ship Quickly And Securely

By Enrique Salem, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures Today, BCV is excited to announce our Series C investment in Docker, the leader in container packaging, distribution, and security. These activities are so core to a software developer’s process that we expect Docker to become one of the generational companies in the space. Docker exploded onto the scene in March […]

Enrique Salem 3 min read
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A (Recent) History of Batch Data

One of the most interesting shifts in technology began twenty years ago with Google’s release of MapReduce, a programming model and reference implementation for distributed processing of big datasets on clustered computers. Throughout the 20th century, most cutting edge technologies coming out of the US were either invented or made viable in government research labs. The […]

Sam Crowder 5 min read
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BNPL For B2B Marketplaces: Accelerating Trillions In B2B Spending

Buy-now-pay-later, or BNPL, has taken consumer e-commerce by storm, enabling shoppers to get the items they want today, but put off the pain of paying for them until tomorrow — at zero or very low interest costs. Since BNPL began popping up as an option at checkout via point-of-sale players such as Affirm, Klarna, and […]

Noah Breslow 6 min read
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