We are former engineers, product managers, founders, and executives who believe in the transformational power of software infrastructure.

Rak shipped Atlassian Access. Aaref co-founded a data center automation company. Enrique ran Symantec. We work as a team to help technical founders achieve the full potential of their ideas. 

There’s never been a better time to build. We are 15 years into enterprise cloud adoption, with several decades to go. There’s been great progress: data is more accessible, AI/ML is advancing rapidly, open source offers new ways to build community and distribute products, and security is now a top-of-mind concern.

But a huge number of unsolved problems remain and the competition is intense. Data is messy and hard to manage. Most companies still don’t have the tools or expertise to move AI/ML models into production. Open-source projects are hard to grow and monetize. Security is noisy, crowded, and confusing for buyers. 

We help courageous, visionary founders navigate the challenging path to building meaningful businesses. We are active partners at seed, Series A, and growth, by focusing on the areas where we can help most. Sometimes that’s recruiting early engineers, other times finding initial design partners.

In every case, it’s working closely with founders on their most difficult issues. When do we launch? How do we approach DevRel? What kind of executives should we recruit? How much should we burn? The questions differ, but our commitment is the same — to put a support structure around our founders so that they can make the best decisions.

The Redis Team

Focus Areas

Developer Tools and APIs

Developer workflows are “shifting left.” That makes developer productivity more important and creates increased autonomy. At the same time, the way developers use those tools is changing, with more opportunity to leverage third-party APIs and open-source libraries. We work closely with Atlassian, Docker, and earlier-stage companies like Cube.js and Mintlify to improve developer experience.

Machine Intelligence

As Andrew Ng observed, any decision a human makes in under two seconds will be automated by AI. Sophisticated ML/AI models capitalizing on transformers and other advances are desperately needed. Currently, data teams operate with inadequate MLOps tooling, so most projects never reach production. We partnered with Grid AI, Startree, and a host of other companies to change that.

Data Infrastructure

As every company becomes a software company, the central building blocks of the data stack, such as streaming infrastructure and pipelining, will continue to evolve. Confluent, Databricks, Mongo, and Snowflake show that AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers will not serve every need. We invested early in Hightouch, Redis, and Rubrik to help build the core, underlying components of the data stack.


Data exfiltration, ransomware, and other threats pose the biggest risk to modern companies. Attackers have become more sophisticated and well-funded; security teams are under greater scrutiny than ever before. We have worked with CISOs, SecOps, and now DevSecOps over many years, giving us unparalleled access. Our investments include Attivo, JupiterOne, Sysdig, and many other founders dedicated to keeping companies safe.

Infra Insights

Momento: Data Retrieval Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain in the “Cache”

There are two big movements in infrastructure software. One is open source, epitomized by Confluent and Mongo. These are projects that often incubate in large companies, or as hobbies for their talented founders, before blossoming into independent companies.  The other is “serverless”, which asks engineers to accept closed-source in exchange for ease of use, infinite…

Aaref Hilaly 3 min read
Spotlight Infra Seed

Large Language Models Will Redefine B2B Software

“We should partner with […]. They come up in 70% of our sales calls.” That’s what the new COO at one of our companies told us last week after her second week on the job. It stuck in my mind because only a few years back, it would have been impossible for her to know…

Sam Crowder 5 min read
Domain Insights Infra

The Great Splunkbundling

Logging infrastructure & the SIEM stack weren't built for 2020. Splunk dominates this category, but will get disrupted by best-of-breed tooling.

Rak Garg 15 min read
Spotlight Infra

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Building a lightning-fast DataFrame library for Rust and Python.

Partner Slater Stich
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