Our Approach

Builders, not just backers

Our Founders

What sets our founders apart

Intellectual Curiosity

You ask the hard questions and aren’t satisfied with easy answers. You always want to know more, delve deeper, and truly understand, even when others merely skim.

Tenacious Drive

You do the hard work, day in, day out—and nights too. You know even the best ideas require perfect execution, and you are ready to dig in for the long haul.

Visionary Influence

You see the future you’re building with clarity and confidence—and have the ability to instill that vision in those around you. You can rally people to the cause with passion. 

Resilient Flexibility

You understand that to grow is to change. You are open and dedicated to growing alongside your company, knowing when to pivot and when to hold fast, where to learn and where to ask for help.

Our Strategy

Unmatched advantages in partnering with BCV

Deep Domain Focus
Hands-on Partnership
Dedicated Talent Team
Proprietary Customer Development
Bain Capital Network

Our Commitment

Our team is your team

We are far more than investors or board members. We strive to be both coach and cheerleader, as well as your calmest counsel in the midst of a storm—and the first ones to push you when you need it most. And once you are a part of our community, we all rally behind you: every investment partner, our expansive team of subject matter experts offering specialized support, members of the global Bain Capital network. To be a part of BCV is to continually discover all the ways we are all on your team.

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