Working side-by-side with visionary founders turning categories upside down.

BCV & Bain Capital’s Legacy

Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

For 40 years, Bain Capital has helped the world's most ambitious companies achieve unmatched results. BCV brings that same focus to the earliest days and defining moments of the next generation of bold entrepreneurs.

The companies we back are fundamental to our transforming world. They’re just below the surface, inside the guts of every major industry, bringing about tectonic shifts in how business gets done. And we get our insights firsthand – Bain Capital owns many of the retail, healthcare, financial services and industrial companies that BCV’s portfolio companies are transforming from the inside.

They’re powering the AI revolution and keeping data secure. They’re helping sales teams make forecast and making sure workers get paid.

They’re Redis, DocuSign and Attentive.

It takes guts to start a company, and we put our deep support behind gutsy founders catalyzing lasting change in enduring industries.

Consider this our application to join your company.

BCV by the numbers
Where we invest

From idea to IPO.

Whether you’re working out of your garage or you’re ready to build a killer C-suite, we’ll meet you there with genuine curiosity, unbridled enthusiasm and a laser focus on doing whatever it takes to help your dream become reality. Our superpower is digging deeper to uncover the potential no one else sees, then helping you escape the gravitational forces pulling your idea down. So add us to your Favorites and let’s memorize each other’s birthdays. This is long-term.
We partner with visionary founders at the inception of their journey, providing the initial capital, mentorship and strategic resources needed to transform innovative ideas into market-ready products. A solid foundation in the seed stage is critical for future success.
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We invest in courageous founders with visionary ideas.

What you can count on us to do

We Show Up

We bring prepared minds to every interaction. We do our homework and dig deep to deliver for you.

We Push

You’re building something great and it’s not going to be easy. We dig deep to provide insights, data and connections that push you ahead on your trajectory.

We Deliver Results

Ask ShipBob, Appllo.io, Clari or Flywire. We stick with you and help you win.
Courageous & committed

Meet Our People

Meet Our People

Meet Our People

“Every day I get to meet fabulous founders who want to change an industry or disrupt a market. Being around their enthusiasm just never gets old.
I look for great people and expect exceptional results. It sounds simple, but it’s actually a challenge to find brilliant and committed founders who also have the operational chops to deliver on their vision.”

Enrique Salem

Ajay Agarwal builds and invests in early-stage application software companies. Within apps, Ajay has spent time in the modern sales and marketing stack; vertical SAAS with embedded fintech; supply chain and logistics; and product-led growth.

Ajay Agarwal

Merritt Hummer partners with B2B SaaS founders at the growth stage who are focused on opportunities in horizontal application software, with a particular focus on product-led growth businesses.

Merritt Hummer

For 30 years, Matt Harris has been investing in the visionary fintech founders creating seismic changes in payments, lending, capital markets, insurance and real estate. He is particularly interested in backing companies building next-generation embedded fintech tools that will upend traditional banking, lending and B2B payments through increased transparency and security.

Matt Harris

Scott Friend invests in application software companies, leveraging a career working in the commerce and marketing ecosystems. A former seed-to-exit founder of a successful Bain Capital backed commerce-tech analytics business, Scott is a trusted operational partner and advisor to founders at all stages.

Scott Friend

“As a board member, I’ve traveled the path from idea to IPO twice and to successful acquisitions many times. In every case, it’s been a gut-wrenching journey. My focus is on supporting founders through it as a close thought-partner on the most difficult issues. Most of that happens outside board meetings, in unscheduled calls, weekend walks or over Slack.”

Aaref Hilaly

Kevin Zhang partners with founders building the next generation of fintech and business software products. Prior to BCV, Kevin led product as the first business hire at Fundera, a financial services marketplace.

Kevin Zhang

Christina Melas-Kyriazi focuses on early-stage investments in fintech and commerce. She is based in San Francisco, and before BCV was a product leader at Affirm and an active angel investor.

Christina Melas-Kyriazi

Slater Stich partners with early-stage founders in infrastructure, with a focus on tools for data teams. He’s interested in practical products that make life better for the working software engineer, data scientist or other technical IC.

Slater Stich

Saanya Ojha partners with growth-stage founders building the next generation of software products across infrastructure, apps and fintech.

Saanya Ojha

Sarah Hinkfuss works with growth-stage founders across both application software and fintech. She is particularly interested in backing founders who have personal experience in the market they are creating.

Sarah Hinkfuss

Rak Garg focuses on infrastructure software, cybersecurity and AI incubations, supporting technical founders creating the future of intelligent computing.

Rak Garg

Noah Breslow leads BCV’s platform team, which provides business-building support to BCV portfolio companies and designs the systems to run the firm. Noah brings experience as an engineer, early-stage entrepreneur and public company CEO to assist companies at all stages of the journey.

Noah Breslow

Allison Braley leads BCV’s marketing team, which supports BCV and its portfolio companies through communications, brand strategy and events. Allison brings experience in VC marketing, high-growth startups and communications to help BCV and its portfolio companies become known and understood.

Allison Braley

Leslie Crowe is an expert in building talent and culture at companies during periods of growth. Leslie collaborates with portfolio company founders and leaders, providing strategic counsel to successfully scale their organizations and capitalize on BCV’s extensive talent network.

Leslie Crowe

All team members
From our founders

“BCV is your ideal venture capital firm. On one hand, you can count on their support when needed and, at the same time, they will not bother you or try to run your company for you.”