Christina Melas-Kyriazi

Christina Melas-Kyriazi focuses on early-stage investments in fintech and commerce. She is based in San Francisco, and before BCV was a product leader at Affirm and an active angel investor.

Bay Area

About Christina

What is the first company you invested in?

When I first met Ahmed and Jeff from Autocomplete, I was immediately struck by how they were applying the same B2B2C distribution principles I learned at Affirm but in a different domain — auto insurance. If you could make shopping for insurance as easy as a few clicks when buying a car at a dealership, most drivers could save money by switching providers. I have been blown away by the drive (no pun intended) of this team and their desire to offer better and more transparent options to consumers, which are values I deeply resonate with.


Do you have an investment ethos? Is there a portfolio company investment that exemplifies that ethos?

I am a product manager at heart. I want to know how a founder empathizes with their customers. How deeply do they understand the problem? What is their earned insight?

Nico, the co-founder and CEO of Catch, was a product manager I worked with at Affirm, and he learned first hand how existing payment and loyalty programs are missing the next generation online shopper. Catch is building a delightful consumers payments product with a network effect where merchant adoption benefits consumers and vice versa. Everyone wins using Catch (except the credit card companies), all driven by an empathetic and creative product.

What do you love about working for Bain Capital Ventures?

We act as one team and are very collaborative. We believe technology is a force for good in this world. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.


What is compelling about your domain?

Fintech is hard, it’s regulated, and it’s big. Money is so fundamental to every single person’s life. It can be a cause of great stress or great delight. There are so many hard problems left to solve in financial services and money movement. As a founder, you need to push the boundaries but you can’t just move fast and break things.

I’m particularly excited about consumer payments, new ways to distribute financial products, and the enabling technologies underlying modern commerce and financial services.

What are your interests and passions outside of BCV?

I love running. My favorite run is in the Presidio in San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge. Nothing gives me clarity like a long run.

I love great food. I’ll eat anything but I particularly love Japanese food. One of my favorite experiences was eating at Jiro in Tokyo. I have so much respect for artisans who dedicate themselves to perfecting their craft.


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