Allison Braley

Allison Braley leads BCV’s marketing team, which supports BCV and its portfolio companies through communications, brand strategy and events. Allison brings experience in VC marketing, high-growth startups and communications to help BCV and its portfolio companies become known and understood.

Bay Area

About Allison

What is compelling about your domain?

This career brings constant change, and with it, exposure to new ideas, experimentation and growth. The future feels exciting after a conversation with a founder who is eager to change an industry. Helping someone shape their vision into a narrative gives a company fuel for hiring, fundraising and growth to just name a few.


What do you look for in a founder?

The best founders to coach on marketing are clear on vision, passionate and eager to grow their skill set. You can’t teach those things, but you can help someone harness them to become a compelling spokesperson for their company.

What inspires you?

The intersection of technology and culture is really exciting to me. Finding ways to fit a company’s story into the current news cycle involves some creativity, as does helping a brand “show, not tell” its attributes. 

I love history, novels and art as well. Taking a step outside the day-to-day of your job helps you uplevel your work in unexpected ways.


What are your interests and passions outside of BCV?

Our energetic Boykin Spaniel gets my family out hiking a lot and enjoying the beauty of Las Trampas and Mt. Diablo. 

Cooking a new meal is also a passion. When I lived in New York and in San Francisco we loved trying new restaurants, so now that we’re in the suburbs the culinary experimentation tends to come from our own kitchen.


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