Attentive is the leader in conversational commerce, reinventing business to consumer communication. Its SMS-first software platform helps everyone from entrepreneurs to enterprises strengthen relationships with their consumers, and drives billions in e-commerce revenue for over 5,000 leading brands.

BCV Partner Scott Friend interviews Attentive founder Brian Long

Scott Friend
How did you originally get in touch with BCV? What were your early conversations like?

Brian Long
As you know, you and the BCV Team co-led the Series A of my previous start-up, TapCommerce. We had you join the board there and you were an excellent partner through our exit to Twitter in 2014.

When my co-founder, Andrew Jones, and I started Attentive, we knew we wanted to work with you and BCV again. It’s extremely valuable to be able to work with a partner that you already know and trust.

That’s great to hear. How would you describe the nature of your relationship with BCV today?

I think of you as a mentor and friend – you’re always available for help and advice as we navigate an incredibly dynamic operating environment. 

What do you appreciate most about working with BCV?

BCV provides straightforward and thoughtful feedback that has helped dramatically shape the course of the business and the investments we have made. I like that they are not afraid to have an opinion.

BCV has a great team that provides services to help companies at any scale. They have a tremendous network and have been able to connect members of our team with companies and individuals in their network.

What’s the best advice you’ve received about being a founder?

The CEO’s #1 job is making sure the company doesn’t run out of money.

What inspired you to become a founder?

I have loved entrepreneurship and startups from a very early age. In particular, I like the idea of building something new with a group of people you like, and being in control of your own destiny.

What would you want other entrepreneurs / founders to know about working with BCV?

They are great partners – through good and bad times. They will support you, but also give you the advice you need to hear without being pushy. Overall, they are great people.

BCV Team