Angela Liu and Michele Wang are the newest members of our growth team.

Meet Angela Liu and Michele Wang, Our New Associates

Angela and Michele will be working on our Growth team across infra and apps.

4 min read August 21, 2023
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We are proud to introduce the two newest BCV investors, associates Angela Liu and Michele Wang!

They have joined the Growth team with a focus on investing in companies at the Series B stage and beyond, with Angela in San Francisco and Michele in New York.

Angela and Michele both come to us with a passion for technology and entrepreneurship, experience in product and business analysis, and a desire to dig into their respective startup ecosystems.

Angela Liu

Based in: San Francisco

Working on: Growth investments — infra with Enrique and Saanya, and vertical SaaS with Matt and Sarah

Where she’s coming from: After graduating from Columbia University with a degree in Financial Economics and Political Science, she worked as a business analyst at McKinsey and spent time at the fintech startup Stir. 

How she got into venture capital: Angela grew up in Portland, Oregon, and from a young age and said she “was drawn to the energy and optimism of the startup world.” In college, she held a leadership position in the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE) — started by BCV’s own Kevin Zhang when he was an undergrad — and used it as the starting point for tech-related internships. She then made her way to McKinsey. “The most interesting questions we helped clients answer were always on software diligences,” she said. “I loved thinking big-picture about global market size, and applying our strategy and corporate finance frameworks to investment ROI in tech and tech-enabled companies.” After considering her range of experiences, she said she came to the realization that “venture combined my interests in business operations and financial analysis, with the excitement of the high-growth startup world.”

Whom she’d like to meet: “There’s an incredible density of talent in and around San Francisco, and I am really excited to talk to more founders and operators working on challenging problems,” Angela said, adding she’d like to meet a range of technical leaders at startups and heads of AI at larger companies. She also plans on getting to know the VC community around the Bay Area, and is particularly keen to meet young investors excited about infra and vertical SaaS.

What she enjoys outside of work: Angela was a competitive swimmer for 10 years and now loves running. “If any founders want to go on a run with me, I would do that!” she said. Angela is also a certified bartender thanks to the Columbia Bartending Agency and loves hosting cocktail nights with friends.

Michele Wang

Based in: New York

Working on: Growth investments — SaaS with Merritt, and infra with Enrique and Saanya

Where she’s coming from: After graduating from Harvard with a degree in Computer Science and secondary in Statistics, she worked in investment banking in mergers and acquisitions at Citi. 

How she got into venture capital: As a kid growing up in Virginia, Michele wanted to be a software engineer, leading to her pursuit of a CS degree and an engineering internship at Palantir. She explained that while she loved the work, “When I was actually working as an engineer, I realized that I was especially interested in how technology affected the overall arc of different industries and business models, and not just in how to build something in the best, most efficient way possible.” Her interests took her then to understanding financial systems and business analysis — but she missed tech the more she strayed from it. Ultimately, she decided, VC would be a way to combine all of her primary skills and interests. 

Whom she’d like to meet: Michele is open to meeting with founders, VCs, engineers, operators and researchers of all backgrounds. She’s especially interested in apps and infra tools that are changing how people work. Having done research in a lab focused on AI for social impact, she’s also passionate about tools and research that leverage technology for good.

What she enjoys outside of work: Michele loves reading (“everything”) and journaling, and dabbles in writing short stories. As she put it, “Goodreads is my favorite social media app,” and she’s always down to discuss books — her favorites include “Leaving the Atocha Station” by Ben Lerner and “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson. She spends many Saturdays hiking just north of New York City and plans to visit all the major US National Parks.

We couldn’t be happier to have them on the team. 

You can contact Angela at and Michele at

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