Kristie Han

Kristie Han partners with growth-stage founders building the next generation of B2B software companies globally. 

New York

About Kristie

What do you look for when you partner with a founder?

Driven, passionate, world-class leaders! I particularly love working with inspirational founders with diverse backgrounds and experiences, as I believe it allows you to understand and connect with a broader group of people.


What inspires you?

Positive-minded people inspire me because I believe that you can do anything with a positive attitude and mindset.

Do you have an investment ethos?

I believe that investors need to be mindful of all stakeholders around the table, including not only founders, management teams and employees, but also the communities surrounding them. Decisionmakers have the corporate and social responsibility to evaluate and internalize the impacts made beyond the business level.


What are your interests and passions outside of BCV?

I love golfing, snowboarding, and traveling with family and friends. I also love all types of hot sauce and spicy food (Korean and Mexican in particular), because I grew up in Seoul, Mexico City, and sunny San Diego.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Actively seek out new experiences!


What do you love about working for Bain Capital Ventures?

I love the depth and breadth of knowledge across the BCV team and the resources and expertise available across Bain Capital. I love being a part of a global platform that can influence people, businesses and economies around the world.


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Kristie's Selected Portfolio Companies