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Early Apps

Founded 2012
Mountain View, CA
BCV Lead: Ajay Agarwal

Partner Ajay Agarwal interviews founder Andy Byrne

Ajay Agarwal
How did you originally get in touch with BCV? What were your early conversations like?

Andy Byrne
I had a lot of overlap with BCV from past roles and was impressed by your thinking. The most telling part of our early interactions was during our Series B. You got on a plane, spent face-to-face time with us, and sent us a napkin drawing afterward (which I still have!) detailing your thoughts on our go-to-market plan and pricing. It was spot on and incredibly perceptive. After receiving it, I knew I wanted to work together. We talked to other VCs with a bigger brand, but this just sealed the deal.

What do you appreciate most about working with Bain Capital Ventures?

The team’s scrutiny of thought is unrivaled. BCV challenges and pushes my thinking artfully and constructively. They know how to listen and take it all in. And even when we agree, the team will still pressure test my thinking and take the counterpoint. They are incredible operators, and they know how to scale. World-class partners and I’m so grateful to have the support.

How would you describe the nature of your relationship with BCV today?

BCV is like a consigliere. They are always there, always on your side. It does feel like together; we are working towards the same goal of building a massive company that will achieve remarkable things. But at the same time, they truly are my friends. We can shift pretty seamlessly between those two zones.

What inspired you to become a founder?

Entrepreneurship is very hard—it’s incredibly taxing emotionally and physically. You have to put forth a high level of effort, and you have to love it.

What inspires me is taking it from an idea to something tangible. I love going from “no idea” to “idea,” from “no prototype” to “prototype.” I genuinely love the entrepreneurial path of taking something from nothing.

What’s the best advice you’ve received about being a founder?

When doubt, fear, and insecurity enter your mind, always go back to what your original vison was. And then you have to add data to validate that vision is being achieved. Combining those two things will crush doubt, fear, and insecurity.

Also, always listen to your customers. When they say keep going, you keep going. Customer feedback is critical.

What would you want other entrepreneurs to know about working with BCV?

BCV is built with battle-tested company builders, not your typical investors. There is no asshole commentary. They give excellent distilled advice and truly root for your success.

BCV Team