Alloy Automation is an integration development platform for product teams to more quickly launch ERP, CRM, commerce and other key SaaS integrations.

Seed Apps

Founded 2019
San Francisco, CA
BCV Lead: Kevin Zhang

Partner Kevin Zhang interviews Alloy co-founder and CEO Sara Du

Kevin Zhang
How did you originally get in touch with BCV? What were your early conversations like?

Sara Du
Well, you cold emailed us right after we launched our MVP on Product Hunt. We weren’t even full time on the project yet, but you were keeping tabs on the no-code trend and thought we were worth talking to.

After YC, we started our pre-seed fundraise (albeit at the worst time possible, March 2020!). BCV originally passed, but you sent a very thorough email covering the reasons they were saying no to this round. It’s rare to get thoughtful rejection emails, so that was enough for me to keep in touch and message you first when we started our seed fundraise.

What do you appreciate most about working with Bain Capital Ventures?

I like that BCV has been around for a bit, as an institution. It means that they have the full context of history, and a deep rolodex outside of tech. I also appreciate how active the investment and operating team are, despite your lack of a strong social media presence to market this.

Fair enough — we’re working on it! How would you describe the nature of your relationship with BCV today?

You have been in the trenches with us since the day you sent us our term sheet. You really do work as hard as the portfolio founders, and harder than most VCs. With BCV, you can truly ask and receive. You’re also just so easy to get along with and to trust, which I think is an important quality in a company’s first lead investor. 

What is Alloy?

What inspired you to become a founder?

It’s something about being able to will an idea into existence. I’ve always been fascinated by the process of creating, and seeing products become well-used and well-loved.

What’s the best advice you’ve received about being a founder?

Enjoy the process rather than anticipate the end result.

What would you want other founders to know about working with BCV?

Don’t let the lack of big marketing distract you from the fact that BCV is a real powerhouse. Working with everyone on the BCV team is more like partnering closely with an angel investor. They are supportive, thoughtful and relationship-oriented, compared to other investors who act more like institutional funds only looking out for their own financial interests.

BCV Team