The Answer To Our IT Service Desk Woes: Moveworks

4 min read April 24, 2019
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It’s a rainy Sunday evening, and I need to review a detailed report ahead of a company board meeting on Tuesday morning. I go to open the report link, but it’s for a Tableau dashboard, which I don’t have on my MacBook and can’t access. Discouraged, I fire off an email to our internal IT help desk marked “urgent”. About an hour later I get an email back, and my hopes are up again, until I realize the response is just to notify me that my ticket has been forwarded to the right admin who will process it the following morning.

Monday rolls around, and sometime after lunch I get a notification that I’ve been granted access to Tableau but need final approval from our COO. So I wait another 90 minutes (fortunately not any longer) until I get the approval. But once it’s installed I need to figure out how to use it. So I create another ticket: “How do I add filters to Tableau dashboards?”. Just before I leave the office on Monday evening, IT sends me a 20-page user guide for Tableau. I guess somewhere in here is an answer to my question. And while I’m grateful to have found a resolution with IT’s help, I’m frustrated that my productivity has been short-changed by the whole process.

IT issues such as this are commonplace, and they are typically frustrating. You’d think that with such consistency of hardware and software across enterprises there’d be a better way. Well, now there is.

Moveworks is an AI platform that resolves enterprise IT issues — instantly and autonomously

Last week, we announced our $30 million Series A investment in Moveworks, the first autonomous artificial intelligence (AI) platform for resolving IT issues in the enterprise. Moveworks has spent the last three years building a system of intelligence that integrates with your end-user facing IT stack and provides ticket deflection, resolution and triage services through popular communication platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Hagouts Chats. The beauty is that the product is employee, not service desk, facing while at the same time it improves service desk productivity.

The time is right for a change, and ITSM is an ideal use case for AI

Over the last 10 years the enterprise IT stack has fragmented into best-of-breed vendors that support internal IT and functional operations: Slack and Microsoft Teams for communication; ServiceNow for ITSM; Okta for identity and access management (IAM); and a slew of functional-specific tools that are all API-enabled, such as Workday, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, Zoom and more. As these platforms have proliferated in usage and become more and more open, our ability to orchestrate IT service management (ITSM) activities across these products has also improved.

However, as enterprise IT has modernized, the syntax for help desks has remained largely the same across platforms, apps and enterprises: “Please reset my password.”; “I need access to a certain application” ; “My email doesn’t work”. The commonality in syntax creates the ideal foundation for leveraging AI to engage, diagnose and remediate IT support tickets with as little support necessary from another human.

Moveworks plays to these macro trends. It sits on top of a company’s internal IT stack and, using Natural Language Understanding (NLU), advanced conversational-AI and process automation, it identifies optimal solutions and does the actual work of resolving tickets. And it all happens in an instant.

The market demands Moveworks, and they have the team to deliver

The ITSM market is quickly growing with Gartner estimated it to be $5 billion annually by 2023. Enterprises want to deliver a better employee experience and are hungry for tools that contribute to greater efficiency and agility.

It’s no surprise then that Moveworks is working with an impressive group of blue-chip customers like Autodesk, Broadcom and Nutanix, and it is delivering demonstrable value already. CIOs of these companies will tell you that since deploying Moveworks they’re seeing 25 percent to 35 percent of their daily IT tickets resolved autonomously, and those figures are on track to rise to up to 75 percent as the product and adoption mature.

Ever since I met Bhavin, I knew he was a special entrepreneur — hyper-focused, incredibly thoughtful and uncanny aptitude — who would create a transformative company. And now he’s doing it with an extraordinary founding team and a group of AI experts from Google, Facebook and Stanford.

We’re delighted to be partnering with the MoveWorks team on realizing their vision of applying advanced AI to resolve IT issues and delight employees across the enterprise.

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