Meet Rak Garg, Our Newest Partner

Over the past few years at BCV, Rak has become a close advisor and confidant to technical early-stage founders.

2 min read January 9, 2024
Bain Capital Ventures Infra Early Seed

We’re excited to announce that Rak Garg has been promoted to partner. In just about three years at BCV, Rak has become a trusted adviser and friend to early-stage founders, who are drawn to his deep insight, extensive network and boundless energy to help them build their businesses. 

Our goal at BCV is to partner as early as possible with exceptional founders and then support them through every phase of their journey. To that end, we look for seed and Series A investors with deep domain expertise and operating experience, which allows them to serve as thought partners to founders navigating the difficult, uncertain waters of new markets. For Rak, this path started with his role in the product team at Atlassian, where our partner Enrique serves on the board. That initial experience gave him both respect for how hard it is to create new products and an appreciation for what greatness looks like at scale. At BCV, he’s brought that perspective to our portfolio, serving as a close confidant to the founders of Contextual AI and Unstructured. At the same time, he’s made many contributions at the board level to other emerging companies, like Cleanlab, Momento, Viso Trust and several presently in stealth. 

Beyond BCV’s portfolio, Rak is also committed to serving the broader ecosystem. Over the past year, he’s helped create BCV Labs, a technical community of AI builders and researchers that spans fellowship programs, company incubations and some tremendous events (if you’re interested in joining the community, please reach out to He publishes insightful, popular longform content, both on the BCV website and through his Substack, Rak’s Facts, that often prompts much discussion. Rak also makes himself available to anyone who needs career advice or is exploring new areas. His generosity reflects our approach to venture investing, based on the joy that comes from supporting people’s journey toward realizing their potential.

Please join us in welcoming Rak to this new role. We could not be happier, or prouder, to call him our partner.

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