Investing From Seed To Growth — 2018 In Review

We partner with disruptive founders to build companies that transform major industries. Here’s how we do it.

January 29, 2019

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Welcoming Our Newest Partner, Aaref Hilaly

By Ajay Agarwal and Enrique Salem The venture business first and foremost is a people business. We spend our time meeting thousands of people a year — founders, CEOs, engineers, executives — all with the purpose of finding that right alchemy of character, personality, vision, experience, and instincts to build a great business. We take […]

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Digitizing Identity: Why We Invested in Airside

Some of the best businesses are those that dramatically improve the customer experience — DocuSign for reaching agreements, Amazon for purchasing online, Uber for transportation. Late last year, I was traveling back from Israel to San Francisco with my 83-year-old mom. As we taxi’d to the gate, she mentioned she wasn’t looking forward to waiting […]

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