From Zero To $1 Billion: The Art And Science Of Building A Winning Sales Organization

1 min read September 19, 2019

Getting from zero to $1 billion in revenue is no easy feat. It starts with setting a plan, then creating enough sales capacity around that plan to repeatedly exceed quarterly goals and metrics. In Clari’s Masters of Revenue series, Jeff Williams, operating partner at Bain Capital Ventures and former CRO of FireEye, and Christina Foley, vice president of worldwide commercial sales at FireEye, share their successful strategies for going from pre-revenue to over $1 billion run rate.

They discuss the approach they took at FireEye: building a strong culture of integrity, hiring an expert bench of sales leaders who will help the company reach scale, setting lofty goals and determining the appropriate milestones to hit those inflection points. Watch as they share what every B2B company needs to do to win loyal customers and establish a strong sales foundation that positions their company for long-term growth.

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