BCV’s 2023 Reading and Listening List

1 min read December 21, 2022
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BCV 2022 Update

Flight to quality is the strategy of the day and the funding frenzy of last year is long behind us. BCV Partner Merritt Hummer put it best in her recent Forbes article when she said, “for the venture industry, that means a reversion to revenue models that are profitable and predictable.” And last year serves as a potent reminder…

3 min read
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Twitter Thread: 7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Next Employer

Most startup employees don’t ask the right questions before joining. These topics are critical to understand, especially in this market. Check out a popular thread from Sarah Hinkfuss on 7 questions to ask a potential employer (after receiving an offer) and follow @SarahHinkfuss for more daily insights.

Sarah Hinkfuss 1 min read
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How to Lower Your AWS Bill

AWS can quickly become the second largest expense for a company (after headcount). BCV Partner Aaref Hilaly and Momento co-founder Khawaja Shams share key habits that every company should be doing to lower its AWS bill at the growth stage.

Aaref Hilaly 1 min read
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