Announcing the BCV Cyber Leaders Advisory Board

The Cyber Leaders are innovative CISOs and other top cybersecurity leaders, comprising a community that will benefit each member and the Bain Capital network.

Enrique Salem, Mark Sutton, Jeff Williams, Conrad White
1 min read March 29, 2024
Bain Capital Ventures Infra Early Seed

Cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated. There has been a rise in ransomware attacks in the past year and the recent advances in generative AI stand to benefit the attackers as much as anyone else, especially with deep fakes and more realistic phishing attempts.

Across decades of work in cybersecurity, we’ve met some of the industry’s smartest and most innovative professionals. As the landscape evolves, we are convening the BCV Cyber Leaders advisory board, which consists of CISOs and other cybersecurity leaders across a wide range of industries, to broaden our collective knowledge.

There is no requirement beyond a willingness to share and learn. The way we see it, why have strings attached when we share the same mission in protecting people, companies and countries?

We want these leaders to bring new ideas to their businesses to stay ahead of threats, inform our investments so that we can find the founders who will provide the next challenge’s solution, and have a flow of information with our existing portfolio companies at the forefront of innovation. The advisory board will be a win-win-win.

With that, we are proud to introduce our inaugural set of BCV Cyber Leaders.

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