BCV 2022 Update

3 min read January 25, 2023
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Flight to quality is the strategy of the day and the funding frenzy of last year is long behind us. BCV Partner Merritt Hummer put it best in her recent Forbes article when she said, “for the venture industry, that means a reversion to revenue models that are profitable and predictable.” And last year serves as a potent reminder that North Star founders in durable sectors can and will flourish.

At BCV, we continued to build deep domain expertise across Fintech, Commerce, Apps and Infrastructure, and our Platform Team, with notable hires, including Marketing Partner Allison Braley, Head of BCV Seed Fund Program Amit Bhatti and many more detailed here. Below is a recap of the great work done by our portfolio companies and our team in 2022.

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8 portfolio companies experienced liquidity events, in addition to the $1.7 billion Billtrust acquisition by EQT Private Equity.

New Investments

We welcomed 11 new companies across our four domains to our portfolio.

Popular Content

We launched a new website and published numerous thought leadership pieces on the spaces we’re most passionate about. Our most-read pieces included:

Team Events + Highlights

And we hosted dozens of well-attended (and sometimes even oversubscribed) community and domain-focused events across the country (including LA beachside drinks with everyone’s favorite or least favorite meme account, depending on who you ask) and a new founder event in Toronto.

Fintech CEO Summit

We gathered an extraordinary group of experts, including experienced entrepreneurs and senior operators of major financial institutions, to help our fintech CEOs address how they should evolve as leaders. Panelists discussed a range of topics such as requirements for an effective exit in 2022, the evolution of a startup CEO from early stage to growth and leading as a CEO through a social media storm.

Infra Team Heads to Israel 

Partner Enrique Salem and Principal Rak Garg went to Israel for a fireside chat with early-stage venture firm Cyberstarts and 80+ founders in the cybersecurity space. They also spent time with BCV portfolio company Redis and its CEO Ofer Bengal.

Fintech Demo Day

With 500+ attendees, representing leading financial institutions and VCs, 29 presenting companies and over 250 one-on-one meetings, our 7th Annual Fintech Demo Day was a huge success. Partner Noah Breslow shares more on key themes and BCV portfolio presentation highlights here.

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