Bain Capital Ventures: Reimagined

We are launching the new BCV today, at the dawn of the AI revolution.

2 min read May 14, 2024
Bain Capital Ventures

Bain Capital Ventures (BCV) was formed over 20 years ago with the launch of BCV’s $250M fund in 2001. Over the course of the last two decades, we are fortunate to have backed many household names: LinkedIn, Solarwinds, SurveyMonkey, Rapid7, Dynatrace, Docusign and Sendgrid.

Today, we are launching a reimagined BCV brand that you can see across our site.

The core mission of Bain Capital Ventures has not changed: fund disruptive B2B technology founders at the earliest stages and bring the power and weight of our operating experience, domain depth and Bain Capital networks to help accelerate these ventures from inception to scale.

Why, after 23 years, should we show up differently? What’s changed? 

It’s never too early for BCV

  • We have built a team of investors in SF and NYC who are ex-founders and startup execs who have lived through the 0-1 journey.  
  • We’re doubling down on incubations. We launched BCV Labs, an AI-focused incubation space in Palo Alto, with startups like Prophet Security and Contextual AI. We’ve also been incubating tech-enabled services startups out of our office in NYC, with a thesis that AI makes historically bad markets good. Now is the time to build AI for legacy industries waiting to be disrupted. 
  • We have formed BCV Fellows which is a group of early-career prospective founders that are tapping into the Bain Capital networks to get exposed to unsolved problems in industry.

Bain Capital offers firm-wide depth in a broad range of industries — including manufacturing, logistics and healthcare.

  • Bain Capital’s network provides access to large verticals and companies that represent some of the largest AI disruption opportunities.
  • These verticals complement areas of historical strength for BCV including Fintech, Commerce, Cyber and AI Infrastructure. 

We build with you.

  • We’ve expanded our platform team to include talent, marketing, and customer development, with experts hailing from companies like Stripe, Airbnb and Mulesoft.

Bain Capital Ventures was formed during the rubble of the dot-com collapse. But we are launching the new BCV today, at the dawn of the AI revolution. The largest industries of the world will be reinvented in the next 20 years and a new set of household names in software, financial services, healthcare, commerce, manufacturing and logistics will emerge. There has never been a more exciting time to be a founder. BCV is here and ready to build with you!

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