#BackedByBCV: The Future Is Evident

Tim Prendergast, CEO of Evident.io; Mark Anderson, President of Palo Alto Networks; Mark McLaughlin, Chairman and CEO of Palo Alto Networks

2 min read March 16, 2018
Spotlight Infra

In March 2018 Evident.io was acquired by Palo Alto Networks.

By Enrique Salem, Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures

Yesterday, at the close of the market, Palo Alto Networks announced the $300 million acquisition of Evident.io, a Bain Capital Ventures portfolio company. I couldn’t be more thrilled by this outcome and excited about Evident’s road ahead as it helps Palo Alto Networks fortify its cloud services infrastructure portfolio.

Tim and Justin had the original vision for Evident in 2013, and shortly after quit their engineering jobs at Adobe to pursue their vision and start the company. Having invested at the Series A in 2014 and through subsequent rounds of funding, I’ve been alongside the team for several years and witnessed Tim and Justin’s extraordinary leadership, passion and execution in making Evident a powerhouse in public cloud infrastructure security software.

I’m also proud to have partnered with the Evident team as they scaled — from helping them build up a world-class sales engine and win some of their largest deals to recruiting their CFO and putting together their financial plans. I am incredibly grateful for and gratified by these experiences.

Congratulations Tim, Justin and the entire Evident team. I can’t wait to see how your passion and success further expand as you join forces with Palo Alto Networks!

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