Back and Better Than Ever: Highlights From Our 7th Annual Fintech Demo Day

4 min read October 19, 2022
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NYC in fall was the perfect backdrop for our annual Fintech Demo Day, which we hosted at Jazz @ Lincoln Center with our friends at Nyca Partners and QED Investors in mid-October. After several years of virtual events, we decided to lean in this year and leverage this incredible venue with our largest-ever audience and roster of presenting companies. With 500+ attendees, representing leading financial institutions and VCs, 29 presenting companies, and over 250 one-on-one meetings, it was an extremely productive and busy day for all involved.

Some key themes from the day:

  • Easier Onramps: Large incumbent financial firms are realizing that to partner with fintechs effectively, they need to create organizational structures and processes that emerging companies can efficiently navigate. The “death grip” of an interminable enterprise sales cycle needs to be replaced by, as one exec from a $30B+ market cap bank put it, a “white glove POC experience.”  
  • Embedded Everything: We have written quite a bit about embedded fintech at BCV. At Demo Day, we saw that embedded fintech is expanding beyond its roots in payments and lending to include tax filing, insurance, debt management, and more. Increasingly, complex financial transactions and experiences will be embedded in software applications where the customer already is, versus existing as standalone apps.   
  • Practicing Safe, Responsible Fintech: Whether it was ZeroHash discussing their regulatory work to enable global crypto brokerage services, or Rightfoot describing how their technology integrates reliably with legacy loan servicers, modern fintech companies know that compliance, fraud, security, and reliability are huge assets in selling into large financial services companies. 

 All in all, Fintech Demo Day was a phenomenal success and we are already thinking about how to make it even stronger next year. Read on for more information about the BCV portfolio companies that presented.

Highlights from the BCV Portfolio 

Name: Orum
Presenter: Stephany Kirkpatrick, Founder & CEO 
About: Orum is building infrastructure for a frictionless financial system and powering smart, real-time money movement with proprietary intelligence.
Name: Fidel API 
Presenter: Dev Subrata, Founder & CEO 
About: Fidel API is a financial infrastructure platform, providing tools to build powerful experiences on top of payment cards.
Name: Column Tax
Presenter: Gavin Nachbar, Founder & CEO 
About: Column Tax enables mobile banks and fintech companies to offer top-tier tax features to their end-users.
Name: Zero Hash 
Presenter: Candace Sjogren, SVP & Global Head of Sales 
About: Zero Hash powers the crypto experience for some of the largest brands in fintech.
Name: Rightfoot
Presenters: Danielle Pensack, Co-founder & CEO and Deirdre Clute, Co-founder & COO 
About: Rightfoot is a fully embeddable consumer debt payments API. Hundreds of developers use Rightfoot’s APIs to seamlessly power payments to student debt, credit card debt, and more.
Name: Lightning AI  
Presenter: William Falcon, Founder & CEO 
About: Lightning AI enables companies of all sizes to train state-of-the-art models on hundreds of cloud GPUs and TPUs from their laptops.
Name: Moov
Presenter: Josh Sadler, Director of Product
About: Moov provides a platform for developers looking to embed payment functionality into their software.
Name: PolicyFly
Presenter: Cory Crosland, Founder & CEO 
About: PolicyFly is a complete policy management platform that brings agents, brokers and customers into one experience.
Name: Socure 
Presenter: Daniel Kesser, Vice President Solution Consulting
About: Socure is the leading platform for digital identity verification and trust. Its predictive analytics platform applies AI and ML with trusted online/offline data intelligence from email, phone, address, IP, device, velocity, and the broader internet to verify identities in real time
Name: Vesta
Presentor: Mike Yu, Co-Founder & CEO 
About: Vesta is building the next generation of mortgage loan origination services (LOS), helping financial institutions transform their lending processes with customizable workflows, open architecture, and easy-to-use experiences.

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