BCV’s Predictions for 2024

The BCV partners share where they see their domains headed, from commerce to industry, SaaS to fintech — and how AI is going to continue transforming them.

1 min read December 22, 2023
Domain Insights Early Growth Seed

It’s that time again, where we gather up our hottest takes for the coming year. Sure, it’s fun to make predictions, but we decided it would also be a useful exercise for clarifying an aspect of what we’ll be focused on in 2024.

All of our partners have weighed in on their domains. You’ll find predictions involving both early-stage and growth startups, across commerce, fintech, industry, infrastructure software, SaaS, along with marketing and recruiting.

2023 was, of course, the year of artificial intelligence, and it’s clear it’s here to stay. Our partners have plenty of thoughts on how generative AI will continue transforming industries. 

We’d love to hear what you think. If any of these takes spark your interest, check out the partner’s bio page and get in touch.

AI’s impact across industries


The startup landscape

Business building

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