We're in the midst of an Industrial Renaissance.

Building in the physical layer requires a partner that knows your industry inside and out.

Bain Capital Ventures has a decades-long history of partnering with innovative founders transforming the physical world. In 2004, we partnered with a visionary entrepreneur, Mick Mountz, who was building Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics). Over the last two decades, our focus across the industrial ecosystem has expanded in scope. We have had the opportunity to continue to partner with founders and companies solving the hardest challenges in the built world – including supply chain and logistics, manufacturing and machinery, construction, aerospace and defense, basic materials and business services. From 2004 to 2024, one fact remains the same: Industrial markets are foundational infrastructure for the successful operation of the U.S. economy.

Today, we are ushering in a new era of industrials. With a renewed energy and sense of creativity in the core industrial sectors, we’re seeing seismic technological advancements in AI, a new period of public-private alignment and a wave of innovative entrepreneurs trained at industrial companies.

From our earliest days investing in Kiva Systems to today, as we watch companies like ShipBob, FourKites and MaintainX scale, we believe that software is at its most impactful when it touches the physical world. We are resolved to find, fund and foster the best talent building software for industrial sectors.

Across our global investment team at Bain Capital, we manage a large portfolio of companies and maintain a trusted network of partners in the ecosystem, which has been built over decades. It puts us in a unique position to go beyond the role of investors, allowing us to address opportunities from all sides of the ecosystem — from founders and funders to customers and incumbents, helping drive innovation across all stakeholders.

Focus Areas

Full-stack tech enables solutions for key verticals

In large verticals, there is an opportunity to build integrated software and delivery networks that are purpose-built for a specific industry. Vertically integrating is challenging, but by building an end-to-end solution, companies can offer a comprehensive, and by extension a stickier, solution to their customers. And in doing so, they’re able to capture more value in the ecosystem and differentiate themselves from competitors, both legacy and next-gen.

Software to support hardware innovation

While there has been a wave of cloud-based tools attacking legacy software with more collaborative solutions, they have mostly been focused on tech end markets. Building and scaling in the built world requires its own solutions.

Vertical SaaS across the physical world

The physical world relies on thousands of SMBs (carriers, freight forwarders, warehouse operators, waste management managers, chemical plant operators, auto repair shop owners, etc.) that need software to more effectively operate. The current wave of vertical SaaS companies has capitalized on digitization across the buyer and end user, improved foundational technologies and increasingly accessible data.

Industrial automation addressing labor and skills shortages

Geopolitical factors, labor shortages and economic uncertainty have presented more challenges and forced an adoption of automation throughout the built world over the last year. As a result, many companies have looked into new solutions that optimize and automate operations.

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