Pascal Croak

Pascal Croak invests in growth-stage founders building disruptive fintech, proptech and e-commerce platforms across the US, Europe and Latin America.

New York

About Pascal

What is the first company you invested in? Do you have any anecdotes from when you first began working together?

Fidel. We invested in Fidel after getting excited that the company had uniquely productized card transaction data that we felt could meaningfully change the way fintechs build and serve their customers. It was thrilling to sense the momentum of the teams at Fidel behind its products and strategy and to partner with their incredible group.


What do you love about working for Bain Capital Ventures?

This team is remarkable: collaborative, transparent, smart, happy and high-energy.


What is compelling about your domain?

I spend a lot of time in B2B marketplaces. The various verticals and iterations of them fascinate me: these marketplaces often combine incredible technology, real-world logistics, financial services, and more to solve specific, interesting, problems in B2B commerce.


What are your interests and passions outside of BCV?

I am an avid reader and basketball player – I’ll read anything and hoop anywhere.


What do you look for when you partner with a founder?

Creativity, hustle, and leadership!


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4 years
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